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I'm so excited to share the story of my battle with #SIBO and #candida on the #blog today. I received the first positive news I've had in months just last week. I'm so thankful, and what a fitting time to be grateful with tomorrow being #Thanksgiving! You know what else I'm thankful for? That this is the view from the train that I take to my doctor's appointments. Life is good! Head over to #rhythmofourlives @ to read all about my health journey.

Even the #view from the #train is #beautiful in #SanDiego. #lovewhereyoulive #beautyeverywhere - Rhythm of Our Lives Blog @

An awesome start-of-the-year practice that everyone should incorporate into their yearly routine - two letters, the first written to yourself with all the things you want to leave behind in the prior year, and the second, a letter of intentions for the coming year. A great blog post on how to do this practice yourself! - Rhythm of Our Lives Blog @

So grateful I was able to watch the sun set today, what a beautiful blessing.- Rhythm of our Lives Blog @

That space between sea and land... you know, sand. - Rhythm of Our Lives Blog @

San Diego, CA - Rhythm of Our Lives Blog @

Last night's #moonrise from the #balcony. So blessed to have this view! Have you been #thankful yet today? - Rhythm of Our Lives Blog @

This time of year has me thinking about New Years Resolutions and Goal-setting just as much as the holidays! In today's blog post I explore following your dreams, achieving your goals, and taking the leap - just one key thing to remember: Don't spend too long defining what your dreams are, just go! I'm so grateful that almost two years ago, we picked up our lives to move, despite how crazy people thought we were to be leaving behind good jobs, our families, and our home.

Fly like a bird - Rhythm of Our Lives Blog @