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Fight For Love Jacket, Khaki

"Fight For Love Jacket, Khaki"Even if you're bummed about the end of summer and the beginning of brisk weather, don't fight the temperatures, embrace them! #newarrivals #shopthemint

Fight For Love Jacket, Khaki

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You're On My Mind Earrings, Gold

"You're On My Mind Earrings, Gold" These precious little earrings have been on our mind since the first time we saw them! #newarrivals #shopthemint

Follow You Anywhere Earrings, Gold

"Follow You Anywhere Earrings, Gold" These earrings are too much fun! We love the dimension they have! #newarrivals #shopthemint

Never Let You Go Necklace, Peach

"Never Let You Go Necklace, Peach" This necklace is almost just like the Faceted Facts Necklace which you couldn't get enough of! #newarrivals #shopthemint

Loop Around Earrings, Gold

"Loop Around Earrings, Gold" These gorgeous earrings are going to look so good with so many different outfits! #newarrivals #shopthemint

Naturally Yours Bracelet, Turquoise

"Naturally Yours Bracelet, Turquoise" This bracelet is perfect for fall! The turquoise beads are beautifully vibrant! We love all the different details that make up this bracelet too! #newarrivals #shopthemint

Going On Vacation Earrings, Burgundy

"Going On Vacation Earrings, Burgundy" We know you love tassels!! Which means we know these burgundy tassel earrings are right up your alley! #newarrivals #shopthemint

Leader In Love Necklace, Serenity

"Leader In Love Necklace, Serenity" This necklace will be the leading the way in the race for which necklace you love most! It practically goes with everything! Plus, it not only has one beaded tassel... it has two!! #newarrivals #shopthemint