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the future of #ecommerce for small businesses is enormous, where should they focus to attain the business goals

Why not go more advance than that by providing a contact form on PrestaShop product pages. That will be superb idea to provide more user retention on your sites. Also there are paid module available to create product contact page but given below some free resources.

Given here a user guide to learn that How to Sell Products by Auction in PrestaShop? Auction is a business process in which admin invites different people to bid about a project and admin can approve the bid with maximum advantage.

Blogging helps you transform your products and company name into a renowned brand by sharing authoritative, well researched, interactive, engaging and educational content. Most of the retailers, who are not concerned with quality, do not bother to educate their customers in wake of losing them. You can leave them behind by promoting quality traits of different products more openly on your blog.

Private Sales is an amazing strategy to offer subsidized pricing to your loyal customers or other classified user groups. There are businesses that are facing hurdles in discounting products to a selected number of users but afraid of the deals being exposed to other visitors who may also demand lower prices. For such an issue, a merchant can secure him and the end consumer by concealing the offers from general visitors.

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Working real hard for all the content writing or web development? Still no. of visitors is not as much as you thought to be? This can be really frustrating for any company, which has spent a large amount of its time, money and effort in putting up a really good website, in the hope that it would help in increasing the flow of customers and eventually the sales of the company.

An exhaustive list of Best Magento development companies along with their experience, services offered, and their accomplishments

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