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Twinkle my Life :: '세계 일주의 꿈/Phuket' 카테고리의 글 목록

My name is Opal. Please ADOPT me. I am a 5 year old girl and have been at the Soi Dog shelter, Phuket, Thailand for 4 years now. That is nearly all my life and it makes me sad. https://www.facebook.com/SoiDogPageInEnglish/photos/a.886461678062235.1073743100.108625789179165/886461744728895/?type=1&theater

Please EMAIL ALL QUESTIONS to inga@soidog.org. I am a small, beautiful and affectionate boy called Serif. I have around 11 years of experience as a BEST FRIEND. Nobody knows the story of my life. Did I have an owner once? Did I fend for myself on the streets all this years? All I know that I was clearly struggling with life when the Soi Dog Rescue Officers picked me up and brought me to the shelter here in Phuket. My teeth are not the best and I suffer from osteoarthritis in my hind limbs.

My name is Lindsey. Please ADOPT ME! Please e-mail alex@soidog.org to adopt me. I am 1 year and 4 months old and have been living at Soi Dog, Phuket, Thailand for a whole year now. That is most of my life. http://www.soidog.org/en/adoptions/lindsey/ https://www.facebook.com/SoiDogPageInEnglish/photos/a.860495393992197.1073743007.108625789179165/860495467325523/?type=1&theater

EMAIL inga@soidog.org to adopt me. Hi there. My name is Erusmo. I am a boy of around 5 years of age. My life story is one of survival. When I arrived at the Soi Dog shelter here in Phuket, Thailand I was covered in ticks and fleas. And due to a suspected bout of distemper at some point in my life, I was left with a twitch of my mouth and a slightly wobbly walk. I have adapted well to my condition and the doctors said that the symptoms are not likely to progress in the future.

Phuket Red Curry Paste, My Aunt's Recipe I have five women in my life that I am thankful everyday for their talents, strength and kindness. I grew up with my grandmother, mom and my three aunts. It...

I am a 5 year old boy named Jessa who has been through so much in my life... Will you please ADOPT me? Please EMAIL all questions to teresa@soidog.org I arrived at the Soi Dog shelter in Phuket, Thailand, with a terrible injury to two of my legs as a result of being hit by a car. After surgery to correct my fractures I started my long recovery period with the help of the vets and the staff at the shelter. Fortunately I’m doing really well and can stand on my feet again!

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