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Hi there! I'm Louise Habash, a Texas-based obstetrician and a lover of life. I express this love by doing what I do best—saving lives of mothers and the unborn children they carry.

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Sleeping for Two: Sleep Changes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can effect both the quantity and quality of sleep - find out more here from what researchers have discovered about "Sleeping for Two".

I’m Louise Habash. I’m a maternal-fetal specialist in Houston, Texas, focusing on diabetes care, management of multiple gestations, and level II ultrasound of the fetus. When I’m not busy with work, I join fun runs and travel here and abroad with my fiancé.

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Is it safe for pregnant women to take flu shots? Dr. Louise Habash talks about this in her blog.

What to not say to a pregnant woman. You wouldn't call her 'huge' if she wasn't pregnant, so don't do it now!

Nutrition During Pregnancy | Louise Habash Blog | 05/15/2015 Read more:

Some herbs might actually be helpful in pregnancy. Learn more about them by reading this Louise Habash blog:

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Stay safe and healthy. ~Dr. Louise Habash ♥