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Foods That Will Heal the Pancreas

The pancreas plays a crucial role in digestion. When food empties from your stomach into the small intestine, it mixes with digestive enzymes from the pancreas that neutralize stomach acid, preventing damage to the intestine. These enzymes also break down your food so that it can be absorbed by your body. The pancreas produces insulin, which...

from Daily Health Post

This Fatty Liver Cleanse Will Reset Your Metabolism And Jumpstart Your Fat Loss

Having an unbalanced diet and eating processed foods can really take a toll on the liver over time. It’s capacity to detoxify itself and cleanse the body is essential for optimal health. Without it, you’re prone to toxic overload and chronic illness.

"Milk aids in the absorption of turmeric.Try this recipe to boost your immune system & get all the healthy benefits of this root." -Mother Earth Living "Sip this warming Golden Milk throughout winter to prevent & treat the common cold.[..] Curcumin doesn’t dissolve into water. Milk (as well as most Indian dishes) contains fat, which increases intestinal absorption of curcumin. "

Thyroid patient Sarah Downing is a translator and writer. In her spare time, she runs Butterflies & Phoenixes, a chronic illness blog that focuses on the spread of positivity, hope and letting others know they are not alone. Her main focus is thyroid disease, but she (and her guest writers) also feature various other conditions. Through her patient interviews & articles, she aims to raise awareness & change attitudes, treatments & people’s overall health.

Last year, legendary biohacker Dave Asprey, began working on "MOLDY" a documentary about the health effects of toxic mold to spread awareness about this little known root cause of multiple health conditions. While I've had a few Hashimoto's remission stories from readers who were also affected by mold, I was shocked to learn that as many as 45 million people may be affected!!