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Move the shotgun mic further back
Using Velcro to keep you wireless mics attached
Strip it down and keep it tight
I think the Zacuto Z-finder is essential for the original C100
Jake’s current C300 handheld rig, with a Movcam top handle. The Zacuto recoil lite puts the camera right on his shoulder for better weight distribution. The extended follow focus sits out past the LCD screen, which has the Diety, Miro Loupe. On the front is the custom handgrip offset made by Abel Cinetech. His shotgun is mounted off to the side, so the camera doesn't get too tall. Photo by Jake Burghart
It's a WiFi remote for the GoPro HD Hero2 THAT SUPPORTS STREAMING THE VIDEO. I want this so, so bad.
Mattebox Rig for Canon 5D Mark iii by Vocas. Cool Stuff!
Can You Hear Me? Top 5 DIY Sound Hacks - Raindance
Leica Art
Video production gear check list! Here's a list of basic filmmaking gear you'll need to get started making your documentary.