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Samuel Osmond Barber II (1910–1981) American composer of orchestral, opera, choral, & piano music. He is one of the most celebrated composers of the 20th century. When Barber was 28, his Adagio for Strings was performed by the NBC Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Arturo Toscanini in 1938. At the end of the first rehearsal of the piece, Toscanini remarked, "Semplice e bella" (simple & beautiful). In later years, he suffered from depression, & was also beset by alcoholism.

スクリャービン【Aleksandr Nikolaevich Skryabin】 1872‐1915 ロシアの作曲家,ピアニスト。調性に代わる新しい和声語法をいち早く実現したひとりで,音楽におけるロシア象徴主義の担い手でもある。1888‐92年にモスクワ音楽院に学ぶ。ピアノをG.E.コニュス,N.S.ズベーレフ,V.I.サフォノフに,作曲をタネーエフ,アレンスキーに学ぶ。最初の作風は西欧的アカデミズムの伝統を受け継ぎ,ショパンの影響を強く受けたものであったが,94年に出版者ベリャーエフの知遇を得,その後数回にわたる西欧旅行を体験する頃から,著しい進境を示し始める。

Elton Medeiros, Turíbio Santos, Nelson Sargento, Paulinho da Viola, Jair do Cavaquinho, Anescarzinho do Salgueiro, Clementina de Jesus, Aracy de Almeida e Aracy Cortes

Portraits de gens célèbres par Felix Nadar

Felix Nadar's photograph of Claude Debussy, 1908 (

Carl Orff, 1911 | ". . .a 20th-century German composer, best known for his cantata Carmina Burana. In addition to his career as a composer, Orff developed an influential approach of music education for children." "The variety of his works for stage in which he combined inspiration from Mediaeval mystery plays, folk tales from his Bavarian roots, fairy tales from around the world and Greek tragedy bears witness to creative power of one of most outstanding artistic personalities of 20th…

Emilio Santiago (Emílio Vitalino Santiago) (*6/12/1946 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - 20/3/2013 Rio de Janeiro, RJ)