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A few days a year are harder than others. It's easy for me to get lost in worlds of talking raccoons, sentient trees, baby heroes or little girls that solve problems with a giant axe. Every year on November 22, I power up my computer to start the work day and I'm met with a new Skype message from my dad. I lose my breath for a few seconds and get confused at how this is possible. He's been gone for 5 years now. We lost him while he was on a work trip in Ireland. It wasn't odd for me to fire…

The LPGA of Japan Team won all four of their matches on day one of The Queens presented by Kowa to surge into a four point lead at Miyoshi Country Club in Nagoya. @LETGolf It was a good day for the Japanese captain Ritsuko Ryu in the unique team match play tournament between the Australian Korean Japanese and Ladies European Tours. Ryu said: At the start things were very tight in all matches but everyone tried their best and every team had fantastic players. With eight points Japan holds a…

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Sweet dreams this Halloween (35 Photos)

Concept Image: I chose this picture because it looks cold, secluded, and kind of desolate. Also, I feel like the fog represents the uncertainty and doubt. The fog also makes me think of a lack of clarity and the fact that people are keeping secrets.

Elephant tree This plant is a rare plant in the US in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park region, Sonoran Desert and also found in the Santa Rosa Mountains and also in some parts of the south western part of the Arizona and Rocky dry slopes of desert mountains. This plant is typically designed to adapt to desert climate, with a thick trunk that stores water for day. Nothing eats the elephant tree the elephant tree gets its energy from the sun.

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Antarctic Beech Trees of Gondwanaland

Antarctic Beech Tree - remnants of the days when Australia was part of Gondwanaland

Back in the day- what day ? Joshua Tree Tour ? Odd placement of control knobs for an acoustic,must be after market. ALady. U2 - Bono

Firewood was always plentiful from fallen trees... and free. All you needed was a little sweat equity, and your house was warm all winter. My mom kept our woodstove stoked, and our house was always so toasty that the insides of the window panes sweated!