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I watch Supernatural and this still caught me off guard! Oh, Sam, how I love you.

It really is. But seriously, how have they not seen a single episode?!

It'd been a while since I'd been on a case without Dean. I sat anxiously on the front porch of the Person of Interest, waiting for them to get home from wherever they might've been. "Oh, Hello. Agent David Gilmour, FBI." I explained. "I'd like to ask you a few questions."

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Sam in the Impala; Season 1 vs Season 9 ||| Supernatural <= he's the same person...but not...

[gifset] It's been a very tough year for Sam and Dean. But as long as Dean keeps calling Sam, “Sammy” you feel like things will be okay. Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes of Season 9. #SPN #Dean #Sam

its heartbreaking how these are from the earlier seasons :(

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This part killed me, I was a big hot mess of snot bubbles and sadness.... But hey, that's every spn finale.