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How to Paint a Lampshade

How to Paint a Lampshade-COOL! I also have a great book from the 80s on how to make your own. Simple as well as free patterns to follow if anyone is interested I will post some : )

Parents of a Dozen: How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets for A FRACTION OF BUYING A NEW KITCHEN!!! This is an amazing update!!

This is the foot sleeve that compresses the ankle and foot to help combat the painful symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Unlike bulky "night splints," the sleeve slips on like a sock, providing varying degrees of compression that reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and accelerate the healing process. It can be worn when sleeping to reduce morning heel pain or during the day under socks for continuous support.

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Remove small stains from suede by gently rubbing the file (either side) across the problem area a few times to get rid of the splotch and refresh the nap. how to transform an ikea coffee table