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An American adoptive dad of an Ethiopian girl returns to her country to help those who still remain

This infographic on Suffrage in the United States can be used as an example for students in creating their own infographics (digital or print) on the women's suffrage movement. CCSS: RI.8.7. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of using different mediums (e.g., print or digital text, video, multimedia) to present a particular topic or idea, CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RH.6-8.3 Identify key steps in a text's description of a process related to history/social studies.

Rapunzel contemplated the evening ahead of her. It was her first Ball since she had been free from the tower.

ADOPTED!!! American Bulldog Mix Dog for adoption in New York, New York - Brutus was left behind & abandoned by his previous "owners" treated like he didn't matter & left to fend on his own. He was viciously attacked by neighborhood dogs & suffered deep lacerations to his face. Rescue Dogs Rock where he is now recovering describe him as very sweet good with people & despite his injuries good with other dogs.

The Real History of Black Native Americans

My grandmother's grandfather was full-blood Cherokee... African American x Cherokee ~Many freed and escaped slaves went west where there was true freedom and were adopted by tribes taking Native American wives.

African-American Adoptions Program Pic --- this group does great work. We this this might be the route to adoption for us!

Silver-tabby american shorthair kitten......Casey says Austin and I can get our kitty "soon".....fingers crossed!!