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NCSU food tech spinoff Aseptia raises $ 6M in venture funding | The CALS spinoff based on technology developed by Dr. Josip Simunovic & Dr. Ken Swartzel, keeps foods such as milk, soups, juices and sauces fresh without refrigeration.

Dr. Dennis Werner, JC Raulston Distinguished Prof. of Horticultural Science, has won the American Horticultural Society’s Luther Burbank Award. Given in odd years, the award recognizes extraordinary achievement in plant breeding. It is named for legendary plant breeder Luther Burbank & is one of the society’s Great American Gardener awards. (Pictured w. weeping redbud Ruby Falls he developed. |

Benefits of biotechnology. Additionally, BT corn has a slower rate of carbon sequestration, which in turn lessens its impact on the ozone layer.

Top 10 Myths About Crop Biotechnology And GMOs? Here's The Real Story

Researcher Makes a Computer Processor from Carbon Nanotubes

The First Carbon Nanotube Computer - A carbon nanotube computer processor is comparable to a chip from the early 1970s, and may be the first step beyond silicon electronics. | Technology Review

The Slow-Moving Disaster Happening At Farms Around America

He is set to take up a new career as an adviser to a television production company.Mr Baker and two other men were waiting in a car to try to free a prisoner