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Bachbloesems om gemakkelijker te stoppen met roken, minder stress, minder ontwenningsverschijnselen, etc.

Bachbloesems om gemakkelijker te vermageren en gewicht te verliezen. Meer motivatie, doorzettingsvermogen,..

Bachbloesems om jouw drinkgewoontes te veranderen en minder behoefte te hebben aan alcohol

Bachbloesems om je libido te verhogen. Minder faalangst, meer zin in plezier en genot, etc.

Bach Flower Cards [Mustard] - The negative Mustard state cannot be hidden - as the suffer turns completely inward, with all energies directed toward living through an overpowering gloom. The positive Mustard state carries a feeling of joyful serenity that serves them through both dark and sunny days. They'll still see the dark clouds, but won't be plunged into depression by them.

Bach Flower Remedy - Star of Bethlehem - An important remedy for those experiencing bereavement, birth trauma, serious accidents, and other traumatic life events.

A flower Essence is a vibrational medicine that works by encapsulating the healing qualities of a flower either through the sun method or boiling method. Flower essences help us to overcome spiritual, mental, and physical ailments. Passion flower helps us to get in touch with our inner selves, it eases tensions within and calms the spirit and is said to open the throat and heart chakras. The heart charka is the centre through which we love an ever-widening circle of life.