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Well dang

roses are red violets are blue hes for me not for you if by chance you take my place ill take my fist and smash your face love quote

So,... I'm in love with a famous person that doesn't know I exist and couldn't care less about me

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Other - AubreyI want to high five her... in the face... with a brick. Covered in spikes, dipped in poison...She can go swimming in acid... in a straight-jacket.She can choke on her own puke......SHE CAN GO STEP ON A LEGO!!!...that's just plain mean...Well, what can I say?

I want to high five her. in the face. Covered in spikes, dipped in poison.She can go swimming in acid. in a straight-jacket.She can choke on her own puke.SHE CAN GO STEP ON A just plain mean.Well, what can I say?



Hahaha i made sure the windows where closed when it was daylight and Chu can't be under my bed I win!! ... There are others beds O_O

Creepypasta -- Eyeless Jack ^^^ That'd be impossible if it were to happen! I have no space under my be- *bed lifts up and a huge fucking gap is under it* *EJ charging at me at full speed* .Well, fuck me sideways

Too funny...someday it will happen tho!

[Excuse the bleep.]] If you gotta grow old, you might as well laugh about it! Our funny sign featuring the Cat in the Hat encourages a healthy approach to aging. Time passes for us all, no matter how kind, mean, rich or p

I sat at the top of the tree and sighed, watching all the bullies and mean girls being picked. What's wrong with me? I hugged my knees and sighed. "I'll never be chosen...", I muttered sadly. Suddenly, I heard a loud crackle coming from a tree. I peered down only to be greeted by a boy with dark hair and amazing sky blue eyes. I blushes immediately. "H-hello."

Aww my fav Pete Wentz quote

Autocorrect compilation #1

Autocorrect Fail Compilation 1 -omg HAHAHAHA gotta love auto spell and Siri! One time I was driving and using Siri to type my text and it typed to my husband that I was getting laid! LOL had to pull over and correct that one!

"I love Boys Who...." by iloveyou02 ❤ liked on Polyvore

I love boys who.❤️ But they all fuck boys now

Awesome random textmessages :3 by crystabella on Polyvore featuring text, quotes, funny, words, pictures, phrase, saying, text messages, fillers and backgrounds

"Awesome random textmessages by crystabella ❤ the last one tho ^.