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So cool!

A pet-cam that lets you video chat with your pet when you’re at work. You can also set it up to give him a treat! This is ridiculous and I need it so I can video chat my dog while I am in Oklahoma and she is in Plano!


DIY 😋 on

Funny pictures about Pure happiness is priceless. Oh, and cool pics about Pure happiness is priceless. Also, Pure happiness is priceless.

Best idea! Need this.

Smart way to keep dog bowls out of the way.I thinks that my dogs would miss pushing the bowls around the floor. My poodles would probably close the drawer and the Kelpie would pull it out of the cabinet when the bowls are empty!

In the living room corner that backs up to the kitchen! Built in dog beds

Dog beds built under bookshelves. Awesome idea for the living room!


Effect Of Training In The Dog Brain - Infographic. Training in dogs is extremely important to their overall behavior. It's important to start disciplining and teaching your dog to listen when they are young. Many owners send their purebred hunting dogs to

15 Dog Houses That Even Dog Owners Cannot Say No! | http://fallinpets.com/dog-houses-that-even-dog-owners-cannot-say-no/

15 Dog Houses That Even Dog Owners Cannot Say No!

15 Dog Houses That Even Dog Owners Cannot Say No! Love the window to the outside!


The guy who built a deck for his dog’s house: 24 People You Desperately Wish You Could Be

doggie window

The Pet Peek is a bubbled window that you can install in your wooded or opaque fence so that your dog, cat, or mongoose can have something to look at besides the side of a fence. The pet peek fence wi.