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My much loved KaBar Becker BK2. I have a...a few knives LOL--But when it comes right down to it, when the proverbial SHTF, this is still the first thing I will be reaching for! If you consider yourself prepping for what may come and you do not have a REALLY good knife, if you skimped, you are behind the 8-ball! I cannot recommend a knife for survival more, not at the price point! There are lots of good knives out there, I would also personally consider a Fallkniven F1 or a GSO-5.

My modified KaBar/Becker BK-2 ...Voila! The old faithful BK-2 looks pretty darn snazzy and well protected!

Earlier this year, Vulture Equipment Works debuted their new Cholera fixed-blade knife at SHOT Show, where it was declared “People's Choice Knife Shot Show 2014.” That’s quite an endorsement, but will I make this knife my choice for a wilderness EDC blade? Follow along and find out. First things first, I had to ask what was up with the name “Cholera?” Normally you’d want to avoid something like cholera, right? It turns out that this catchy bug is one of many pathogens that can live in the…

All the fine fit and finish you would expect from a Rick Hinderer custom knife on a Kershaw beer budget, Sturdy frame lock, no wiggle after lock-up and a great deep carry pocket clip. At a mere $30 or so--go on 'head and getchu one!

Ka-Bar Phat Bob Folder Knife by KA-BAR Knives, Inc - Ka-Bar Phat Bob Folder Knife - Ka-Bar Knives offers more than 100 quality cutlery products and accessories. They manufacturer high quality military, hunting, sporting, all-purpose utility, and outdoor survival knives. $47.99

Kabar 2211 Big Brother Fixed Blade, Spine Serrations, Kraton Handle, PlainEdge. The KA-BAR Big Brother Fixed Blade Knife is the perfectly named next step in the evolution of KA-BAR knives.