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There is no leadership, personal or organizational, without listening. In fact, ability to truly listen (and not just hear) is the foundation of having a conversation, building trust, influencing others, resolving conflicts, driving your vision, building relationships, implementing change and

January 1 is the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God. The beautiful picture above, called “ Blue Madonna”  was painted by Irena Jakus. Irena’s apostolate is called Holy Art - Jeweled Masterpieces for God's Glory. For more information on Irena's work, contact us.

Икона Божией Матери ''Знамение'' Серафимо-Понетаевская -- Icon of the Mother of God '' Omen '' Seraphim Ponetaevsky ☩

Create an affirmations sheet/board/index card...

Creative Self-Care: making coping cards copingcardcanoe


DIY Wood and Wire Art display -

DIY wall to display pictures, cards, art work, etc. by bowneh

To be true you must embrace the life that's calling you. Bloom and listen to the whispers in your soul <3

Don't have money for a studio or workspace. Reclaim some materials and build one. This one cost $400 for an artist in Brooklyn, NY

If you've got the mind to dream it up and the capacity to believe in accomplishing that dream, let nothing or no one get in the way of it!