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Flowers for a Friend- who has just lost her mother. May her heart remain soft and heal .xxx diane m Kramer aka She Wolf oil pastels on paper please see below under Update- Iris also has passed away...within days of her mom’s passing... so very shoc Ally

"You should never put anything onto your body that you wouldn't eat!" Best skin and body care and much more. “Living Libations has by far the best essential oils in the world. Period. Once you try Nadine’s essential oils, it’s over with, you will never try anything else. The only oils I ever use. David Wolfe - See more at: http://iva-talacko.healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com/store-49#sthash.cbAY0EWd.dpuf

My friend Samantha often whips up some kale chips for playdates, and our toddler sons wolf them up. It's...

What's your vision, or purpose, for your relationship - family, business, companionship, sharing life with your best friend? What is it for you? This is an important question. A relationship without a vision - a purpose - is a little like a car without regular maintenance. It can seem sluggish and it uses up more fuel (i.e., energy). A vision is like a regular oil change that lubricates the engine of your relationship, and reduces the likelihood of your relationship breaking down.

"Little Wolf" oil on panel painting by Aniela Sobieski

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