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Flowers for a Friend- who has just lost her mother. May her heart remain soft and heal .xxx diane m Kramer aka She Wolf oil pastels on paper please see below under Update- Iris also has passed away...within days of her mom’s passing... so very shoc Ally

One of my dogs also covers his nose with his tail when he sleeps in a ball. Sweet. Hmm, perhaps he is part fox... he is quite clever.


Avoid Another Expensive Vet Bill, Try Essential Oils Instead

AVOID ANOTHER EXPENSIVE VET BILL, TRY ESSENTIAL OILS INSTEAD! ANIMALSHEALTH & LONGEVITYRECIPES We all love our pets and who can resist a puppy with big floppy ears but those ears can be a breeder for ear infections and irritations

Here are seven easy steps for a great cannabutter - from the boiling of the butter/marijuana mixture to the straining and the cooling. Courtesy Bruce Wolf