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Meet Corduroy, the half Maine Coon cat that has the Guinness World Records title for the world's oldest living cat.

I love my maine coon

I Love My Maine Coon Cat. For Cat Lovers everywhere - get these great products for yourself or give as a gift for the cat lover you know. Designed by Janbalaya - where we have a mix of pretty much everything.

Maine Coon Kitten | Cattery Fairy's Fantasy | The Netherlands

See Grooming of Maine Coons. BTW, mine like a comb. The breeder started mine on being groomed with a comb, and my other half Maine Coons like that much better than a brush . don't put up as much of a fuss.

cute cat

The Maine Coon Kittens Personality

Little Maine Coon Kitten... I brought home a baby with suspiciously large feet and enormous ears and ended up with a 20lb Maine Coon Monster Baby :) Couldn't Love my Dublin more!

Little Maine Coon Kitten picture.Click the picture to read more. "Pick me up mommy"

Maine Coon cat: they are huge and beautiful and one of the oldest known long-hair breeds in America...

The Maine Coon Cat - Also known as the American Longhair, is a breed of domestic cat w/ a distinctive physical appearance and valuable hunting skills.

Maine Coon-yes WHYY must their tails be soo loonngg? My Carlos loves to feel the edges of my coffee table like an angling fisherman! (I prefer my iced tea without cat hair, thank mew very much)

Maine Coon Cat, I want one! I had my Sissy - Maine Coon cat - now passed.

Big River Coon - Maine Coon Cats & Kittens Available Kittens * Precious!!

Big River Coon - Maine Coon Cats & Kittens Available Kittens * Precious! Looks like my girl when she was lil;