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Riding With a Zombie Killer

*Winks* "Where's my smile?" "I am smiling" This just made me think of Black Dynamite

Morning coffee (39 photos)

This chap is called Charles Michael David (three first names – argh!) but he is forgiven because HIS FACE. It’s like symmetry did a swandive off the diving board and fell gracefully onto the space above his neck. Jesus, man:. OMG I need him in my life. 😍

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Michael B. Jordan's 16 Most Important Instagram Posts

Over 40 and Fine: Mature Men We Mush Over!

Image detail for -New York, NY- Screen Actor, Lamman Rucker is set to star in the historic drama, “Black Angels Over Tuskegee” premiering at New York’s St. Luke’s Theater ...

Este modelo en realidad es absurdamente apuesto

Y sus seductores mechones dorados… | Este modelo en realidad es absurdamente apuesto

George Clooney, from The facts of life to ER to the fabulous movies he makes; he's always top notch. And, of course, gorgeous!