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Never judge a book square magnet

Exactly - I'm sorry, but you're just plain weird if you've decided not to read the PJO books JUST because you saw the movie and didn't like it. :/

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Miniature Book Bracelet (UK Editions) - Percy Jackson Jewelry, Doll House Miniatures, Geek Gift

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters stills, I can't wait for the movie, I'm so excited!!!! ...then again, I'll just stick to the books. ;P

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Community Post: This Is The Best Book Dedication Ever

Anaklusmos, Percy Jackson's Pen

Ryuhitsuya21 on

Hazel approves! But, Frank has always been awesome if you haven't noticed. Hazel, Frank, Percy, and Annabeth are my favorite characters. Frank was awesome before he got the blessing of Mars. Okay people? ----> okay.