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Lita and chewy and Sasha and some pictures my brother took
"I am your father's, brother's, nephew's, cousin's, former roommate's, cat."
In memory of all the beasts I called my pets. My children and my brothers. I loved all of my pets. They were family. Each one is a star in the floor of heaven.
Mini Australian Shepherds - WTF fun fact
Some one should have had you altered...especially if you can't afford 9 children.   And do they have brothers & sisters at home as well?
How to Build a Bunk Bed For Your Pets   Some pets get along with each other really well, while some fight quite often like brothers and sisters. No matter how they treat each other, they always deserve to have their own, ‘personal space’.  Got more than one fur baby in the household? Make a DIY dog bunk bed for them!
Snoopy Quote for More Snoopy> https://www.pinterest.com/jodyclaus1/snoopy/
We didn't ask to be Homeless.. our mother was feral, our dad was YOUR cat.. YOU NEVER NEUTERED. We didn't choose this life, YOU chose it for us. BUT you can help PLEASE SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS <3 Adopt from shelter/rescue. PREVENTION is KEY!
Forever Twinkle