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Boy, do you ever see who they truely were and truely are. Sometimes it hurts. Truth really hurts.......... BFF my ass.

When someone truly cares about you they make an effort, not an excuse! ~So true! :) xoxo I'm so blessed!

CrossFit. So true. You will never find better friends, motivators, strength, or athletes, like you do at a crossfit box.

no one calls, texts or ever checks to see how I am doing. I have no real friends left. I kept pushing everyone away and now I'm all alone

from Etsy

Friends become our Chosen Family Hand Painted Reclaimed Pallet Wood Sign

My creations are hand-painted, decorative signs made with happiness and love. All creations are made with reclaimed pallet boards after they are ordered. Although I try to duplicate original as closely as possible, there may be slight variations in size or board characteristics because no two boards are identical. This is part of the rustic charm I bring with every creation I make.

This fits so well in my life these days. I'm not gonna beg anyone to be there for me. You either will or you will not.

from Twitter

Law of Attraction on

Know which kind of people you really have around you and if they are truly loyal...or just needy. "Some people aren't loyal to you...they are loyal to their need of you...once their needs change, so does their loyalty."

YES. THIS. It doesn't have to be romantic OR sexual, OR romantic-sexual. A soulmate is one who's soul, love, and life fits with yours so perfectly that you just know that person is the love of your life, your other half, your heart (and no, those 'titles' don't have to be relegated to the 'romantic-sexual' realm).

And it's so true. lol ppl calling ppl's ho's bc they lay out in a swimsuit or go tanning....but love the Kardashians who are like beyond hobag....and never wear anything that covers up their whole body. and lol and I'm the ho? and you have plenty of friends who go tanning and wear swimsuits...and you don't call them ho's.PATHETIC lol. youre just like what the french say les incompetents :D