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Morpho Butterfly (Helenor Faustina Female Species Butterflies Collection, Panama Insect Collection)

Morpho Butterfly (Helenor Packeri Male Species, Zulia, Venezuela Insect Collection)

Morpho Butterfly (Ampithrion Azurita Species Butterflies, South Peru Insect Collection)

Graphium Butterfly (Delesserti Female Species Butterflies, Sabah North Bornero, Insect Collection)

Papilio Butterfly (Memnon Babimemnon Female Species, Babi Island, Indonesia Insect Collection)

Parnassius Butterfly (Labeyriei Naocoae Weii Female Species, East Tibet, Butterflies Collection)

Prepona Butterfly (Praeneste SSP Female Species from Pucallpa, Ucayali, Peru, Butterflies Collection)

Parnassius Butterfly (Nosie Male Species, Tibet Insect Collection)