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The Bee Gees. Loved 'em.

The Bee Gees.The Brother's Gibb. I was in love with Barry and Andy Gibb!

Hits of the 70s: In The 1970s Bobby Goldsboro

The UK was not as successful for Bobby, but he had several classics including his re-release of his U. 1968 hit Honey (I Miss You). The song was a love song , and some say it was about a dog!

Casey Kasem, the voice and creator of the American Top 40 Countdown died June 15th. Starting with the radio club in High School, he honed his skills on Armed Forces Network and was even the voice of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo. He made you want to listen, not just to the music but the story behind it and that is radio at its’ finest. Thank you Casey for making radio so awesome! “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars” R.I.P.

2016 - † Casey Kasem, Legendary DJ and the Singular Voice of 'American Top


ABBA was a Scandinavian group of pop singers, with quite a few hit songs. Many years later, a popular Broadway show (and even later Meryl Streep movie), "Mamma Mia!," was based on their music.

The Osmond Brothers

The Osmond Brothers. Donny's favorite color was purple and I think he always wore purple socks. The Mormon version of The DeFranco Family.

Hits of the 70s: In The 1970s R. Dean Taylor

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