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Obama Shortens Sentences For 56 Federal Prisoners With Gun Convictions Unbelievable!! What an ASSWIPE!! He calls for stricter gun control laws and then releases prisoners with gun convictions on their record!!

Alcatraz Lighthouse: Alcatraz Island, California (near San Francisco).

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Wisconsin's home to a backyard planetarium that took over 10 years to build... by hand

I would love to explore this abandoned warden's house attached to the most infamous prison in the U.S...

Alcatraz Island

(The Old Capitol in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.) Completed in 1850, this building served as the state house of Louisiana until the state capitol was moved to Opelousas, Louisiana to avoid capture by Federal troops. The Gothic structure was burned in 1862 while it was a Federal prison. On the grounds is the grave of Henry Watkins Allen, Brigadier General and Confederate governor of Louisiana.

Would You hire a 70 year old(male, so it's okay that he's 70😊) who has skimped on people's checks, not paid federal taxes for years, has no experience in politics, and had bragged about sexually assaulting women?!

And that money comes from the taxpayers who are bearing a larger and larger load of state and federal tax burden thanks to corporate welfare and subsidies.

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before arriving at Alcatraz, Capone had been a master at manipulating his environment at the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. Despite strict convictions from the courts, Capone was always able to persuade his keepers into procuring his every whim, and often dictated his own privileges. It was said that he had convinced many guards to work for him, and his cell boasted expensive furnishings which included personal bedding along with many other amenities.

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Aug 11 Confirmed: Scrubbing of ISIS Intelligence Reports For Political Reasons Done at Senior Levels

Confirmed: Scrubbing of ISIS Intelligence Reports For Political Reasons Done at Senior Levels