Siena Cathedral: this was my favorite cathedral on our one month Europe trip in 2011. The black & white was stunning and I loved this ceiling in the library.

The Piccolomini (Music) Library in the Duomo, Siena, Italy. The floor and ceiling are also works of art. The floor of the Duomo is fantastically amazing; Google 'The Pavement of the Cathedral of Siena'. | Ripon Cathedral | Canon EOS 10d : 28mm 1/10 & 1.5" @ f8 The east window inside Ripon Cathedral - 2 shots taken at different exposures and then HDR treated My best ever photo yet??? I am certainly extremely pleased with it :-)

Even if you're not a bookworm, you'll be fascinated by the Piccolomini Library inside Siena's Duomo. Learn why in this guide.

Alhambra - Granada, Spain The place/city we are going to visit with the group next Monday! We're looking forward to it! :-) More infomation about the summercamp?

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