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Beyond the Human Eye: Trees: the Inside Story

Electron microscope image of the human Iris

Alveoli in the lung. Photo: David Gregory & Debbie Marshall


Science Photo Library photos of the week

Surface of a human tongue. I saw this and I thought wouldn't it be fun to have lots of these pics and have the kids guess what they were as as part of a Grossology program?

Human Tooth This is an image of a piece of dentine acquired using a scanning electron microscope.

This image is of a purple, colour-enhanced human egg sitting on a pin. The egg is coated with the zona pellicuda, a glycoprotein that protects the egg but also helps to trap and bind sperm. Image: Professor Alan Boyde, Wellcome Images

from eBaum's World

25 Amazing Microscopic Images Of The Human Body

Blood scabbing...this is what happens in close up when you tumble and graze yourself...the human body's ability to heal and protect.

from eBaum's World

25 Amazing Microscopic Images Of The Human Body

Estes são sobrancelha cabelos que crescem a partir da superfície da pele humana. As imagens foram capturadas usando uma variedade de microscópios à base de luz tradicionais, poderosos microscópios eletrônicos de varredura (que bombardeiam o assunto com os elétrons e construir a imagem usando um computador) e microscópios eletro transmissão.

“Human Cerebral Cortex,” Alfonso Rodríguez-Baeza and Marisa Ortega-Sánchez, scanning electron microscope, 2009