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Camera Exposure Infographic As photographers we capture certain amounts of light every single time we take a picture. Knowing how exposure works and how to use your camera settings correctly will greatly increase your skills as a photographer. The visual below details all the basics on exposure to get you started:

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Sharing pictures online is one of digital photography's killer features: copy a picture to your computer and it can be winging its way around the world at a rate the mainstream media can only dream of.

Light trials: Shutter speed – depending on the light in your scene, your shutter time will need to be at least 10 to 15 seconds, or longer if necessary. Aperture – you will want to have your aperture set at anywhere between f/5 and f/11. ISO – keep your ISO settings as low as possible, ISO 100 is what I use for light trails. If your ISO is set to 500 or higher, your exposure will be shorter and you run the risk of overexposing the highlights ESPECIALLY when shooting car headlights.