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Tom Hardy...holy are a beautiful man & I will not look up your height...that always ruins it.

The Mature Yet Sexy Style – Ducktail Beard Look Book


Beardy Cap || Steve Rogers || Captain America TWS || 500px × 750px || #fanedit

and the motorcycle/beard combo sinches it.

James Franco sooo fuckin hot!!! @Nancy Welch

Most pretty, thanks! HQ of the full article:

Pinning this because I am in a Misha Collins kind of mood. Also I don't think I've seen a picture of him looking this serious

Chris Pratt - Photo by Kurtis Warienko for GQ UK

Oh come now! Did you honestly think I'd make a Board with this Title and not end up pinning him on it? And it's his FACE I want to touch...ours is a chaste love...