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The Public Interest Research Group came up with a matching-funds plan that would benefit candidates who have raised the most money from small donations.

As we have been telling you all for the past 2 years, the only real viable choice was Bernie Sanders. Now we're ALL DOOMED!!!

We can make the difference about everything and anything - so don't be quiet when you know you can make the difference.

As Obama Pushes For Minimum Wage Increase, Billionaire Charles Koch Rails Against It With Media Campaign

War on Workers... Keep you Poor, Workers are easier to manipulate!! In an interview w/ The Wichita Eagle on Tuesday, Charles Koch said that doing away with the Federal Min. Wage requirement in the United States would benefit the poor. According to Mr. Koch, who is the CEO of Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar mega-corporation who has its Fat-Greedy Paws in about everything, including Puppet Politicians’ pocketbooks!!

Cheney's Halliburton Made "$39.5 Billion on Iraq War (YES! that is $$$$$$$$BILLIONS)"