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"please don't leave me'' he sobbed into her hair as he rocked her slightly, a soothing motion, he chuckled darkly, "we both knew it would end like this brother'' was her reply, she could feel it, her life dripping through her fingers. Blood dribbled down her chin and she looked up at Michael one last time and uttered something Michael would never forget, "forgive me"@Caitlyn Nelson Potter

This is the first page in a three page mini-comic that I’ll be releasing over the next three days. When it’s done, I think I’m going to create a process post showing how I make comics, since people have been wondering.

Curiosities: The Legend of Zelda Original Concept Art. When The Legend of Zelda first appeared a couple of decades ago, artist Katsuya Terada created these amazing concept artworks for the first few games that appeared in player's guides and in Nintendo Power magazine. Although it differs greatly from the Zelda that evolved on later systems, it's a fascinating look into the series' early roots.