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World's most outrageous PC cases

This SteamPunk computer casemod was commissioned as a giveaway for a new computer game. Jake of all Trades did a great job of it. I’vc seen quite a few SteamPunk computer cases go by recently, but this was the best. I wonder if it is water cooled?

I can't imagine how long this masterpiece took. Stunning!

Stuff That's Awesome

Aztec: Modder Dan McGrath brings a uniquely old-school craftsmanship to his work. And by old-school, we mean, like, 1400 A. This Aztec-themed computer case features dazzlingly intricate detailing, particularly in the side-panel wheel.

If you've every wanted an ice cream coloured american retro styled computer... well now you can have one!

Beautiful Retro Media Center PC

steampunk pc    http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2011/12/23/mod-of-the-year-2011/19

*Mod of the Year 2011 Steam & Current by Tomasz Krawczyk (awadon)

Steampunk'd modded pc computer case

Amazingly Handcrafted “Steamplanet” steampunk PC case mod Gizmo Scout(all about being a tech greek)

Jake von Slatt is one of the better-known steampunk artists; above, Wired interviews him. Datamancer has actually taken von Slatt’s idea and sells Mac and PC steampunk keyboards.

Steampunk IBM keyboard mod - Sick of living in the post-industrial present? Long for an alternate universe where steam trumps electricity? Here's the keyboard for you. OMFG yes!

Time travelling device, presumably.

As insane Steampunk PC case mods go, this Frankenstein machine by D. Mattocks will take some beating. Standing almost eight feet tall, and bristling with