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Flapper Style

Flapper dress

How to Be a Flapper Girl. Being a flapper was a trend in the Roaring Twenties, where some women rebelled against some of society's strict expectations of females. Flappers were women who liked to be "in the now styles and fads", and...

Are you interested in our Great gatsby Flapper plus size dress? With our Flapper dress for plus size bridesmaids you need look no further.

Art Deco Dress

OK, so many may have never heard of the subject of my Sunday Style Icon today, however believe me when I say she is a style icon - anyone in love with the Silent Movies or Marcel Waves, as I am, will love her (and as I used to share her surname, she will…

I am expecting beautiful guests at the party! - "Wherever you looked there were couples strolling, bending to the flowers, greeting, moving on over the lawn" (Mansfield