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"Sex is the consolation you have when you can't have love." Gabriel Garcia Marquez OH, but for those who have love, it is the spice!

Faça de coração, não esperando algo em troca. Não frustre a si mesmo.

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Sherlock Holmes: Intuitions are not to be ignored, John. They represent data processed too fast for the conscious mind to comprehend. More on: #SherlockHolmes #Sherlock #BenedictCumberbatch

each of us has a life's history. it is who we are. may we not judge anyone, at any time in their lives. we don't know where they have walked, what they have been through.

comienza y no te detegas. Comienza donde estas, con lo que tienen. Solo empieza

"Train yourself to find the blessing in everything." ~

Type A: I am a type A personality, which increases my risk for coronary heart disease. My negative emotions and behavior affects my blood flow, but surpassing these emotions heightens the risk even more. Similarly pessimism is toxic, causing a two times increase in likelihood of heart disease. Also depression is the worst of all. Because the negativity with depression is caused by the disease and may be the reason why depression is lethal at all...other than suicidal risks.

Las verdaderas personas son las que te buscan. #Frases #Amistad

"No matter how I'm feeling, Music always puts me in a better mood.." || © edited by Karunase ||