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- Frase da Arte da Guerra, de Sun Tzu (saiba mais em "Faça seus planos serem escuros e impenetráveis como a noite e quando você se mover, caia como um raio".

Jehovah’s Witnesses—Official Website

The daily bread our Savior prayed about is more than the food we eat.

The graceful lissome young beauty, The resplendent lively spring sunshine, The quiet melancholy of a stormy day, Majestic scenes, towering waves, thundering falls, Then the flight of a delicate petal, Grinding poverty in stagnant water, Delightful pleasure of living a dream, The ardent struggle of a spirited life, I love them all, seek them all with a passion. -Thế Lữ

30 day challenge incorporates so many of the deep questions that we should be asking ourselves, and turns them into daily writing prompts for you to privately reflect on.