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She's got that whole Earth Goddess Warrior Priestess gonna save the world vibe ..

Stampin Up Thoughtful Branches flowers by Sandi @

Feeling your feelings is an important tool for greater self love, increased peace, happiness, confidence and joy. Download a powerful meditation for deep emotional healing at Learning how to meditate will change your life.

Do gun control signs stop crime? - Conceal & Carry Network Forum

"My Sweet Beloved!You are the most beautiful man I have ever glanced upon, for you are the brightness of God shining in form, You are transformed into every piece of nature blossoming here on this Earth, You are the stars as they whisper so softly in remembrance of our transcendence beyond this dance of humanness. You remind me ever so gently, but intently, how divine we are, how blessed we are" ~ Gabriella - Honoring the Divine Masculine in LOVE - Art, Irina Karkabi