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Welcome to Bikes, Babes, Rats & Rods. If you're into bikes, babes, tats and rods this is the blog for you. I'm a 50 something male residing on the Gulf Coast in the great state of Mississippi, USA. I post original and from others pages. Feel free to...

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Atompunk and Dieselpunk are sci-fi visions of past decades - a past that never was, if you will. Dieselpunk refers to the post WWI era and Atompunk to the post WWII era

BMW has given world champion custom bike builder Fred Krugger a heavyweight K1600 tourer to customize. The result is straight out of the movie Tron.

“Joe Petrali left racing with a bang. On March 13, 1937 at Daytona Beach, Petrali rode a specially built streamlined Harley-Davidson to a new one-mile motorcycle speed record of 136.183 mph. That record would hold for 11 years until Rollie Free finally broke the mark on a Vincent at the Bonneville Salt Flats. “

Max Bubeck (below) sitting on his 135.58mph hybrid Indian Chief/Scout that he rode at Rosamond Dry Lake on June 27th, 1948. The Pop Shunk-built "Chout" is as lean and mean as a straight razor except for two big-assed carburetors that look big enough to pluck poultry. Bubeck's "Chout" still holds the record for the world's fastest unfaired Indian motorcycle.

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