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A US drone strike killed at least 3 people in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan, officials said Monday. Unmanned aircraft targeted a compound in the Mir Ali, killing at least three people. It was the third US drone attack inside Pakistan since Nawaz Sharif was sworn in as prime minister in June, calling for…

TOM COBURN CALLS REID AN A$$**** ..SHARE IF YOU AGREE -- According to the New York Daily News, Sen. Tom Coburn, who was attending a fundraiser in New York, sponsored by the New York Young Republicans called Harry Reid, an absolute asshole. A thing like that can get you sued for definition of character. [...] 10/29/13

Kind of like how he said "I support traditional marriage" before his first election and "the healthcare plan won't be used to fund abortion" a couple of years ago before he showed himself again to be a liar with the "HHS mandate."

A 14 year old Michigan teen was shot after a policeman, responding to a suspicious person with a gun, asked to see his hands. In his hand was a realistic looking replica of a Smith and Wesson sem...

The former Minnesota Governor offers his assessment on the assassination of JFK, the two parties, and a possible presidential campaign.

Family court is not family friendly. Many of us have been frustrated by the random, heartless and disinterested victimization of these so-called public servants. Look at the behavior of this “judge” who is more interested in a child’s babbling than the affront to the lady that is being conducted right under her nose. She seems […]