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Yak-Proof Survival Knife

Picture of Yak-Proof Survival Knife

from Etsy

Gravity Knife

Gravity Knife by MartrildonnoDesigns on Etsy

from Survival Life

How to Make a Survival Knife

How to Make a Survival Knife | DIY Survival Blade, Best Skills To Know When…

Mors Kochanski’s knife use teaching aid. The “Try Stick” has developed an underground following. it is approximately an inch to inch and a half in diameter. One carves various types of carvings that would commonly be used in woodcraft/bushcraft, though some are more to showcase ones ability to wield a knife. There are many beautiful examples floating around the net, from woodcrafters who have demonstrated their ability and prowess with a knife. Note Mark Emery of Kepis Bushcraft.

Ever heard of the "Sharpie Method" when it comes to knife sharpening? If you're starting out in knife sharpening and are wonder if you're doing it right, here's a simple trick to see if you're on the right track.

How To Throw A Knife | #SurvivalLife

from Urban Survival Site

19 Ways To Use a Knife in a Survival Scenario

What's so great about knives? All they do is cut things, right? In this article, I'm going to list 19 ways a knife could come in handy during a disaster.


Tomahawk Survival Axe (that opens beers!)

Featuring a pocket knife-style blade and bottle opener.

Archery arm guard with skinning knife. Possibly one of the sweetest forearm guards I've ever seen.