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I loved his idea that the sink & cooktop can be concealed entirely in the cabinetry by folding over two hinged countertop pieces. Johnson and Whitney entertained countless art & cultural world luminaries there so this option probably came in handy.

Here is his European-style bathroom that is enclosed in the bricked cylinder that floats in the space. Two, slim, mirrored wall cabinets provide storage and the sink’s pipes are left unceremoniously exposed.

I guess more storage was needed at some point since the second set of cabinets, shown at right, are not shown on the original plans. They are darker grey fronts with a bluestone countertop instead, but still feel like part of the whole there and actually add visual interest. In fact, many kitchens today are designed to mix materials just like this from the beginning.

The kitchen is a T-shaped island, with sink, oven, refrigerator and storage all very neatly enclosed in a walnut jacket on the outside, with charcoal grey door/drawer fronts on the inside shown here. Theatergoers may recognize this sculpture of two circus ladies by Elie Nadelman - a larger, white marble version presides over the atrium of Johnson’s elegant New York State Theater (now the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center).

Completed in 1949, this modern architect's house I visited last week still has much to teach us. With all glass walls, it practically disappears into the background at the back left. Magic!

Due to the reflections in daytime, one can stand on the grass but appear to be simultaneously “in” and “outside of” the building, as shown. Fascinating.

Johnson's Brick House in the foreground, with just those 3 round windows in the guest quarters. The Glass House whispers in the background.

Here's me in front of the expansive glass wall, which reflects the architectural counterpoint that is the red Brick House directly across the lawn. But you also see straight through the house to more nature.

The rounded fireplace provides a focal point, but I thought it did so rather quietly. The shape encourages you to walk all around it rather than stand still in front as you normally might. What a great sense of freedom of movement.

The living area is filled with Mies Van Der Rohe's Barcelona series furniture. He designed this now famous daybed specifically for Johnson.