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Creative Vibes

Michael and Nicholas run as fast as they can. They laugh and smile wide as they run from the people who are no longer chasing them. Nicholas realizes that this is the most fun he's ever had and it's all thanks to Michael.

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Julianna Young Lost Over 80lbs After Some Devastating Moments In Her Life!

cool Amazing weight loss transformation from the incredibly motivating @juliannajanay... More

The Say Blog : My Weightloss Story ...On so many levels

The Daniel Plan is a groundbreaking, healthy lifestyle program where people get…

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Pin for Later: If Ice Cream Is Getting in the Way of Your Healthy Goals, You'll Love These Memes When You Accepted Ice Cream as Part of Your Body Type "I am who I am." Related Stories:Why Is Being Healthy So Hard? Because Reasons

Two perspective story girl goes to well each day and receves something she NEEDS. Other perspective from person underwell giving everything the girl needs but doesnt know she needs


If Famous Websites Had Real-World Locations

Luke is in a street fight in the slums of New York, he tends to win a lot. Is your character a bystander? A fighter? Do they fight Luke? (its a dystopian type place, feel free to make up mutations or powers)

Food is the most overabused anxiety drug. Exercise is the most underutilized antidepressant! #fitness #health


14 creative and funny examples of luggages and suitcases

I find these pictures in one list I subscribe to. I don't know where they originate from though.