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14 years ago, I had businesses, I travelled the world and I truly desired to contribute to the planet. I was also $187,000 in debt, with nothing much to show for it. Then I met a man who changed my life.

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What did you get SO for your 1st anniversary? « Hellobee Boards

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How to Build an Excellent Credit Score

Creditscore How to Build an Excellent Credit Score & Ways to Repair a Bad One

Debt Reduction Calculator Worksheet ... this is amazing and it works! I was able to calculate a way to pay off student loans in 6 years, instead of 10, my car loan in 4 years instead of 7 and pay off a Visa card in 6 months and save over 3000 dollars in interest! Not a scam, just a FREE tool to show you how to make your money and budget work to your best advantage and get out of debt faster!

Student Self-Assessment Tools! Posters, Rubric, Cards for student use, and notebook page - Light Bulbs and Laughter Blog. TpT $

Q: What has low rates, no fees, up to $100k in funding, and can help pay off credit card debt too? A: A personal loan from SoFi. Our loans can help you pay less interest and get out of debt sooner. They�re not only a smart alternative to credit cards, they�re a great way to help you invest in your next major purchase.

Make your own "save the date" magnets out of business card magnets

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Free Christmas Printable {Ho Ho Ho

19 Free Christmas Printables - Christmas Printable Ho Ho Ho

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How to Remove a Paid Collection from Credit Report

***How to Remove a Paid Collection from Credit Report.....Credit Infocenter