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We walked towards the plane. He said it was his smallest and newest, which meant he had others, but that fact barely registered. It was a Cessna Skycatcher, he explained. I didn’t care if he owned the company or had stolen the aircraft. He gave me other details I didn’t hear as he helped me up into it. It had two seats, what he referred to as “deluxe skybox seating for two.” It sounded sexy, but I wasn’t interested in the plane. ~ from Darker Than Black

Cessna 180K Skywagon 180 aircraft picture..Flying a Floatplane is a great adventure and wonderful

More and more high-altitude vapour trails appear in our skies as the flight den­si­ty of com­mer­cial avi­a­tion increas­es. These trails often fol­low the plane straight and nar­row, then degrade into fuzzy and fan­ci­ful for­ma­tions, blend­ing with clouds and leav­ing a sub­tle after­im­age in our sub­con­scious.