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Hello Kitty Pop-up Cafe at Irvine Spectrum Center's Giant Wheel Court - Opened July 15, 2016 for a year

Check this out! Meet S3's owner at @University of Michigan's Spectrum Center on Tuesday, February 26 from 4:30-6. The event is free! #sexpositive #LGBTQ #health #education

Advocates for the passage of legislation to help people with disabilities achieve independence, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Passed in 1990, the ADA prohibits discrimination against anyone who has a mental or physical disability, guaranteeing the civil rights of people with disabilities.

An investigational compound that targets the core symptoms of fragile X syndrome is effective for addressing the social withdrawal and challenging behaviors characteristic of the condition, making it the first such discovery for fragile X syndrome and, potentially, the first for autism spectrum disorder, a study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center and the University of California, Davis MIND Institute has found.

Looks like this weekend's weather might actually FEEL like it's December... Check out your weekend in the loop at www.lubbockintheloop.com. We've got events by National Ranching Heritage Center, The 34th Street Association of Lubbock, Pheasant Ridge Winery, West Texas Endurance, and Science Spectrum!

Check out this OC Register article about our Grand Opening of the St. Joseph Hoag Health Wellness Corner at The Village at Irvine Spectrum Center! It’s more than just a medical clinic; it offers health and fitness programs to all residents at The Village and The Park. Read more about it here! #OC #Irvine #Fit #Healthy #Wellness #GrandOpening

Quiet your mind while relaxing your body -- the sessions offered at this popular center afford a true escape from the everyday: • $99 ($199 value) for a 2-day sampler pass The two-day sampler pass will allow you to try every service once over a consecutive two-day period -- check out floating, cryotherapy, full spectrum infrared Sauna, hydrofusion, the oxygen bar, magnesphere, quantum pulse, Pilates, and massage chairs. NOVA Center's Website | Facebook | Twitter

Have you ever wanted to try QR Codes? Try this out for FREE! Give your students an opportunity to practice telling time to the 5-minute interval with these task cards. Students can record their answers and then scan the QR codes to check their work. Kids are highly motivated to complete their work with accuracy when they get to use technology to check their answers. CCSS, telling time, freebie, task cards, QR codes, math centers, 2nd grade

Check out this awesome glitch of JTA0009-006 created by the talented @mercuryscout. This interpretation may be even better than the original. I love the color spectrum that culminates in the center of the image. Thank you @mercuryscout. #art #photography #abstract #psychedelic #surreal #glitch #avantgarde #newmedia #digitalart #JonathanThomasArmstrong #ArtByJTA #JTA0009 #poweroutage #Salisbury #NorthCarolina

We must avoid extremism of all types, and look for the truth in all ways. Everyone can recognize extremism. Extremism is building herbs up too high – an endless stream of positives with no cautions and no negatives. Extremism is words like “CURE” and “TREAT,” false promises and purported miracles. And at the other end of the see-saw, extremism is TEARING HERBS DOWN – “it’s just a plant” “that’s a load of bunk.” “Herbs don’t work, ever – I tried one... once.” Sometimes, extremism comes in…

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