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Victoria Principal: Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing in ...

Dallas - Victoria Principal as Pamela Barnes Ewing

Jenna Wade in Dallas played by Priscilla Presley Jilted Bobby Ewing in 1970 and 1984. On both occasions, went on to marry Naldo Marchetta. After Naldo’s death in 1984, renewed plans to marry Bobby, but was jilted by HIM in 1986. Married his half brother, Ray Krebbs, the following year.

JR really wasn't all that bad in my opinion. He'd go to any lengths to protect his family and Ewing Oil though very frequently through questionable means.

Miss Ellie was the one who was really in charge of the Ewing family.

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Dallas - had us on the edge of our seats. Who shot J.R. was the shot heard around the world!