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Jock was one of the most respected and admittedly flawed men in TV history. He wasn't exactly the noble hero JR made him out to be but he wasn't the devil Digger Barnes raved about incessantly either.

JR wouldn't even touch John Ross (I hated it when they called him "Little John" at first) right after he was born because he thought it was Cliff's child. Then everyone was at the Oil Baron's Ball when the usual spit hit the fan. During the fun, JR learned for certain that John Ross was indeed HIS SON. When the fuss quieted down, Bobby and the rest looked around and JR was gone. He drove out to Southfork in a flash because he couldn't wait even a minute to hold HIS SON.

J.R. Ewing - A fine, respectable villain. First he'll try bribery. If that doesn't work, plan B is always blackmail. JR never hurt or killed anyone though he did drive at least two people I remember to attempt suicide. Cliff Barnes {aka That Idiot Barnes} and Walt Driscoll that guy in charge of the government auction of some offshore oil leases.

JR really wasn't all that bad in my opinion. He'd go to any lengths to protect his family and Ewing Oil though very frequently through questionable means.

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