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20 Kids Room Decorating Ideas, Kids Furniture to Revamp

Kids room decorating ideas can be inexpensive, but bright, energetic and stimulating. Revamp kids furniture pieces, renovate, paint and redecorate old furniture, saving money on kids room decor and cr

Making furniture from obsolete material and and giving new life to old ones 1

MvK: If you had to name the most important couture techniques to master, what would they be? Susan Khalje: Well, being able to fit something perfectly is essential – and that’s tricky, it just is – but apart from that, I’d say that you’ve got to be adept

This baby changing table turned display shelf got a new life with a coat of red paint. The shelves are spaced perfectly to showcase folded quilts when not in use. <3 this look!

creative :) Upcycled changing table. I KNEW there was a use for mine.. I just didn't know what it was! @Mandy Rankins table but think I would like it for the laundry room for storage of shoes more than the entry way. I think it might look too cluttered for the entry way.