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Team Jaylie 5K and Fun Run Slideshow (08-13-2011)


Cowboy Junkies: Tiny Desk Concert

Cowboy Junkies Live on NPR. April 26, 2012 Make a list of bands with integrity, still highly respected and still making music after 25 years, and that list will have Cowboy Junkies near the top. The band remains prolific, tender and poignant, as evidenced by this performance at the NPR Music offices.

thor movie | AVENGERS WEEK: Thor (movie review) | Strangers and Aliens: Science ...

Which age is the best for travel? Family on Bikes blog - chronicles travel with boys from infancy to age 13: good reference.

Google Is Proposing A New Set Of Emoji To Better Represent Women - A handful of Google employees have developed a new set of emoji intended to better represent women particularly in the workplace. And on Tuesday they submitted them to the Unicode Consortium the Silicon Valleybased technical organization that among other encoding projects oversees the creation of new emoji. Presented at The Unicode Consortiums quarterly meeting the proposal aims to add 13 new emojis to the existing…

Candy Cane Pass (relay race) Supplies: 4 candy canes per team (have a few extras due to breakage) How To Play: Player holds 4 can...

from Strings Attached Ministries

My Favorite Ice Breaker for Women’s Groups

ME TOO! icebreaker. Say a comment, then give the string to those who say me too. count how many connections you have in common.

Trek Madone 6.9, team radioshack, or "the shack" lol, new look from Shepard Fairey. Red & Black, I like the bear on the seat tube.