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World's Best Father July 2016 Wall Calendar by Willow Creek Press


World's Greatest Father - Tea Party "They say that having a daughter changes a man. Specifically, it changes him into Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.

This is from Dave Engledow- "World's Greatest Father", who makes the great Photoshop-enhanced photos of his daughter.  Her childhood will be well-documented... whether it's true or not. "the incident"

The Incident by Dave Engledow. Alice Bee walks away from a horrific tricycle crash with only her eyebrow boo-boo.

World's Best Father

Me and my girl: Father's adorable photos catalogue daring exploits with his toddler daughter (with a little help from Photoshop)

Titiled The World's Best Father, Dave Engledow, from Tahoma Park, Maryland, can be seen posing alongside adorable two-year-old Alice Bee in a number of unlikely scenarios.

Next Generation Geeky Family That Will Blow Your Mind #omg #humor #funnypictures

Next Generation Geeky Family That Will Blow Your Mind

a different kind of modern family. This is my family, sad, but true!

the tenth apple  --    In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday yesterday, we decided to pay tribute to one of Alice Bee's favorite books. In case you're wondering why there are only nine apples up on top, it's because someone got hungry and forgot all about what she was supposed to be doing.

Happy Daughters Day In honor of National Daughters Day, here are 44 of my favorite moments of the past years with my partner-in-crime Alice Bee. [[MORE]]Happy Daughters’ Day.

"World's Best Father" - Dave Engledow on Fotoblur (Don't try this at home.)

"World's Best Father" - Dave Engledow on Fotoblur. Too cute!

"fork over the chocolates, old man" by Dave Engledow on Fotoblur | Humor Photography

Valentine’s Day Rule: If you dress your kid like Cupid, don’t give her a real bow and arrow. World's Best Father Dave Engledow